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Sep 30 2014



In mid-1990s Dimensional Media Associates were formed to start active development of DepthCubeTMtechnology invented by Dr. Alan Sullivan who later became CTO of Vizta3D and President of LightSpace Technologies. In 1996 U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science awarded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant. Following year Honda Grant and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) BAA Grant was awarded for further R&D.

In 2001, Vizta3D was founded to commercialize technology. After couple of month, the company's backers cut all their funding, just as the Z 20|20 display (based on DepthCubeTM technology) was about to hit the market.

Developed over a period of 7 years by researchers at Vizta3D (formerly Dimensional Media Associates), the DepthCubeTM was a solid-state volumetric 3D display system in which the high resolution, full color 3D images were physically deep. The DepthCubeTM produced startlingly good 3D images with no viewer fatigue, and no viewing position restrictions.


In 2004, first units of Lightspace Technologies DepthCubeTM z1024 3D volumetric display were built and supplied to selected customers. Due to lack of funding activity was put on the hold for some period.

In 2012, EUROLCDS signs exclusive licensing agreement with Lightspace Technologies Inc. on DepthCubeTM technology and restarts new, improved Lightspace X-series 3D volumetric display program.

In 2014 spin off company Lightspace Technologies SIA was established.

Approximately $20 Million invested in technology development and IP over 18 years.

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