Multi-planar 3D volumetric imaging

Sep 30 2014

The LightSpace 3D Volumetric Display

Operation principle:

The LightSpace Display System is a solid state, rear projection, volumetric display that consists of two main components: a highspeed video projector, and a multi-planar optical element (MOE) composed of a air-spaced stack of liquid crystal scattering shutters.


The high-speed video projector projects a sequence of slices of the received from computer 3D image into the multi-planar optical element where each slice is halted at the proper depth.

Proprietary multi-planar anti-aliasing algorithms smooth the appearance of the resultant stack of image slices to produce a continuous appearing truly three dimensional image.

The multiplanar optical element (MOE) is a stack of 10 to 20 air-spaced liquid crystal scattering shutters.

The MOE acts as an electronically variable solid-state projection volume and, in conjunction with the high speed video projector, creates the 3D image.

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